Hi, I'm Whitney đź‘‹

I'm an actor, writer, and life coach for artists.

I've worked with artists around the world, in every market, at every level of their careers. From college students to award-winning film & tv stars. And they all have the exact same struggle.

They tell me they:

  • Don't feel control over their careers

  • Get stuck in "compare and despair," wondering if they've missed their chance

  • Have tried "all the things" to hit their next goal but were left defeated and exhausted.

  • Are tired of not making the money they want doing what they love.

  • Are tired of fighting an uphill battle to be seen and acknowledged for their talent

You know that this is the only career path for you, but you don't know how to possibly make it work.

You’re here because you have big dreams - Broadway, making your own work, starring in a series, getting into your dream school, selling your pilot, but you aren’t quite sure how to get from where you are now to where you want to be next. 

You’ve tried everything. Or maybe you know what you should be doing but you can’t find the motivation to even get started.

Instead, you find yourself doom-scrolling on the insta profiles of all the famous actors who have already “made it,” wondering how the hell they got there!? 

Enter: Me. Your new life coach.

Hi!! I’m Whitney, mindset expert & certified life coach for creatives ready to up-level their lives. Using relatable stories, cutting-edge research in neuroscience and mindfulness skills, I teach artists how to take charge of their emotional health and go after their ambitious goals to create a life that they would be jealous of. 

Here's my story.

A few years ago, even after "graduating" from therapy, I still wasn't happy. I felt stuck in my life. As an actor, I felt like my life, my work, and even my emotions were completely out of my control. I wasn't making money, or making art. I felt like I was totally at the whim of an industry that didn't want me. I was feeling miserable and trapped. 

I started working with a life coach and it completely rocked my world.

After making the investment to work with a coach, I went from accidentally getting cast in a high school student film (true story) to setting and achieving goals like creating my own work, winning awards, traveling the world, booking roles, signing with incredible representation, launching two podcasts, joining the actors unions and building a business making more money than I've ever made before.

But most importantly, my confidence in myself grew and I started feeling better. I learned how to create a life that I used to be jealous of.

Because when I learned how to manage my mindset, my life became deliberate. Even in the most unpredictable industry, I finally felt like my career was in my control. I wasn't waiting anymore.


I became so passionate about the work I was doing that I certified at The Life Coach School and built The Abundant Artist Academy.

Now I work with artists and creatives all around the world who are tired of being stuck and are ready to uplevel their mindset to change their lives and create real, actual results.

Through coaching, my clients learn how to set and achieve their career goals, while actually enjoying their lives.

After working with dozens of clients, I have narrowed down the exact, step-by-step process to get from a "struggling" artist to an Abundant Artist. And thus, the Abundant Artist Academy was born.

The Abundant Artist Academy is a community of creatives who are tired of being a struggling artist and are ready to start creating more in their lives: more happiness, more bookings, & more money. 

The Abundant Artist Academy is a one-time $1,800 investment (payment plan available). Once you join, you are a member for life.

With your membership to The Abundant Artist Academy, you will receive:

Feel abundant, instead of stuck and miserable
You can attend the calls live (which I highly recommend) or you can submit your questions and watch the playback later!

Actually enjoy your life as an artist!
Unlimited support from me for those in-between moments on our app & through private direct messaging. 

Set and achieve your career goals!
Lifetime access to our invite-only community of artists who want to make cool shit and better themselves while cheering each other on.

Courses & exercises to go through at your own pace and learn how to implement these practices on your own, every single day.
Learn the exact steps to creating your own short film, webseries, pilot or feature. I'll cover everything from fundraising to festivals in monthly Make Your Own Work calls and Q&A forums.
Additional courses and training on anything from social media to money mindset to building your own business, as requested by you!

What people are saying:

"Coaching with Whitney has been so helpful in my life because she is so keen on seeing things that I never would have been able to recognize by myself! There's no way you can create the life you want, if you don't know what's been holding you back. If you're feeling unsure, stuck, or frustrated in any area of your life, Whitney has the tools to help you feel empowered, motivated, confident, and excited about your dreams and goals for your future."

  • Amanda from CA

"Whitney is so great to work with as a coach! One thing that I love is that she can find and pinpoint issues that are hard to identify on your own. She is also very motivating, positive, and encouraging! Sometimes my goals seem unbelievable or unattainable, but Whitney helps you map out how to get there! And she believes in you, too! I’m excited to see how far I go with the tools I’m learning and the things I’m discovering!"

  • Amy, UT

"Coaching with Whitney is like being in communication with my best Future Self. She holds my personal goals in the highest esteem and is a constant support system against self-sabotage. I was searching for something to help clear the path toward the bright future I dream of for myself…Abundant Artist Coaching is that thing."

  • Steven, NYC

"Working with Whitney was quickly enlightening. Her open and non-judgmental questions allowed me to comfortably and swiftly identify what personal beliefs were standing in the way of me reaching for my goals. I would highly recommend working with Whitney!"

  • Jack, UT

"For a while, I thought the coaching terminology was a bit “woo woo”…because, well, it is. But Whitney is so the opposite; charming, funny, graceful, persistent. She never hesitates to hold me accountable for getting in the way of myself. Or, rather, her tools help me hold MYSELF accountable for doing just that. The Woo Woo terminology just sticks in my brain and then, BOOM; I’m unstuck. Maybe it’s “woo woo,” but every session is like a dust-buster for my soul. Whitney is just as invested in my dream future as I am…maybe even more so.

I often fancy myself a very “practical” artist. Measuring the worth of a goal in dollars and cents and logistics. For a while now, those thoughts have kept me feeling really safe...but always wanting something more. After a few sessions with Whitney, I already have a much clearer vision of what I am really willing to sacrifice for my goals. Spoiler: it’s not what I thought it would be going into this. Whitney has been just as invested in my dreams as I have, if not more so, and her coaching helps me lay the ground work for a healthier approach to the inevitable risk-taking of being an artist."

  • Steven, TX